Just a few months ago, Paulo had an agreement in place to renew his contract with Juventus, however, it appears that the situation has taken an unexpected turn. 

Tomorrow the saga that has been dragging for over a year could reach its final chapters. At some point, there won’t be any time left for Juventus management.

As we know by now, Paulo Dybala current contract expires at the end of the season. Therefore, the two sides must find a compromise soon enough if they wish to extend their collaboration the season has just about two months left.

Dybala-Juve, tomorrow’s meeting all the cards on the table. The more he plays and scores the better he earns At this point, you can understand why Juventus doesn’t want to meet Dybala’s demands knowing that they are trying to both get younger and bring the payroll down. And you can also understand why Dybala and his agent, Jorge Antun, are frustrated with the situation knowing that there was essentially a handshake agreement months ago only for the Juventus front office to backtrack on it.

According to Corriere dello sport Juventus CEO Arrivabene said that “Nothing has been decided yet [on Dybala’s contract extension], it’s not guaranteed. It depends on financial parameters and how he will act in the negotiation.

If in case dybala decides to leave who should replace him? Raspadori ? Nabil fekir? Zaniolo? Let’s see what will happen in the coming days.