Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala is confident that AC Milan and Inter’s new stadium can still be built within the city and spoke against the possibility of finding an alternate location.

As per Calcio e Finanza, Sala emphasized the efforts being made to speed up their stadium development and stressed that the clubs would not be able to build outside of Milan.

“We’re in constant contact with the teams, and it is clear that it is important that they remain within the city limits,” he said. “I continue to be positive.”

“I don’t think teams are against public debate. It’s clear that they are asking for clarity on the timing and we’re working on it, working hard as we’ve always done,” Sala added.

Milan and Inter currently play at the San Siro, which is owned by the city’s local council, and it has yet to be determined whether it will be demolished to make space for a new stadium.

The two Milanese clubs have agreed on a design called “The Cathedral” that would replace the current San Siro. A new stadium would modernize their football revenue and significantly increase their income.