Despite reaching the age of 37, the Livorno native remains one of the most solid defenders in the world, even if he’s operating on a lighter schedule.
Making 115 appearances and 8 goals for the Azzurri, Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini is contemplating retiring from the Italian national team after the Azzurri failed to qualify to the World Cup.
Sadly Giorgio never enjoyed a memorable World Cup campaign during his era with the Azzurri, he endured two forgettable group stage eliminations (2010 and 2014) while missing out completely in 2018.
Giorgio has backed his manager Roberto Mancini to continue as manager despite the nation’s humiliating World Cup qualifying exit.
With no World Cup in sight, and with injury setbacks continuing to haunt him it will be difficult for him to continue.
The last reports from several sources suggests that he might ask to leave Juventus a year early so that he can spend one season playing in the MLS.
Also Chiellini and Juve has agreed to meet at the end of the season. Juventus could exercise the renewal option, but at the moment the club do not seem willing to do so.
What is certain is age and injuries have prompted Juve to consider a farewell
Whatever his decision Grazie Giorgio