Fagioli speaks the truth “I see that in Spain, Germany and France, young people play more than in Italy. With us, when a young player plays in a top club and has one or two bad games, we criticize him immediately”
Nicolò Fagioli grew up in the Juventus youth sector and is still owned by the club. Allegri said of him: “It’s a pleasure to see him play football”
Fagioli has 9 goals contribution in 27 league appearances this season,Fagioli has proven to be one of the main stars of the Serie B season.The midfielder has excited observers with some sublime displays while leading his club’s charge towards promotion they currently lead the standings.
It was Andrea Pirlo who gave Fagioli his first taste of senior football, but the young Italian midfielder was limited to just two appearances
The Bianconeri’s idea for the future is, in the meantime, to renew the contract expiring in 2023 and to see Fagioli at work in Serie A next season.
 More easily with a new loan, rather than immediately with the Juve shirt on. This is in order not to rush the talent, to give it further time and peaceful space to mature and express itself without too much pressure.
As always, evaluations will be made in the summer and based on what Allegri thinks a young player can contribute we will soon discover what’s to come.