Following Italy’s World Cup Exit, Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri has spoken out about Italian football and claimed that Serie A is “30-35 years behind the others.”

During a press conference ahead of his side’s match with Sassuolo, the 63-year-old spoke about Ciro Immobile and criticized the current state of Italian football.

“I spoke to Immobile and I told him what I think. He is becoming the national team’s scapegoat and he knows exactly what’s behind it. I’d know what to do in his place, let’s see what he decides.”

“It’s useless to say what I’d do, it’s all down to Ciro. He is fully committed to this environment. He is reactive, I am not worried about his performance with Lazio,” he added.

“I have my idea and I’ve heard silly things about Italian football. Italy had 35 shots (32) against North Macedonia and conceded a goal with just two goals on target.”

“Here, we are 30-35 years behind the others, but nobody talks about structures and training facilities. When I moan about the turfs, they say that I always complain. If you watch a Bundesliga game and you switch to one of Serie A, you ask yourself: ‘Where the f*** am I?”