With Italy knocked out of the World Cup after failing to triumph over North Macedonia in a 1-0 defeat in Palermo, as well as Atalanta and Roma being the only two Serie A clubs remaining within European football, the Azzurri legend Antonio Cassano is frustrated with current circumstances of Italian Football.

In an interview with an Italian television outlet BoboTV, the former Italian forward expressed his disappointment with the evolution of football within his native country:

Italian football is disgusting. I’m talking about Allegri’s football, Capello’s football, even Simeone’s football in Spain….

“Luckily for us, that type of football has almost everywhere gone out of the archives. Today I only save Atalanta and the philosophy of coach Mancini, for the rest, football in Italy must evolve.

“What does Allegri’s Juve game bring me? All we do now is make a bad impression at international level, both as clubs and as a national team.”

With Roberto Mancini deciding not to resign after failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, six months after winning the Euro 2020 against England in their own backyard, the ex-trequartista hopes to see an increase in rising stars being implemented within the Italian tactician’s plans in preparation for the Euro 2024.